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The Perfect Summer Adventure Location

Paulina Lake Lodge is located within the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Summer activities include fishing, hiking, mountain biking, sight seeing and just plain relaxing.

You can visit the scenic areas year-round. Visitor favorites include Paulina Peak, Big Obsidian Flow, Paulina Creek Falls and the hot springs.

If you want to sleep under the stars, there are places to camp in the area. For campground information, please visit or call 541-338-7869.




Paulina Lake was formed by ancient volcanic activity in the caldera of Mt. Newberry. Deep, cool waters give us a great abundance of fish and a diversity that is sure to make any angler smile. Minerals from hot springs, raindrops, and snowflakes feed the rich food chains of Paulina, making the fishing some of the best in the West!  Not to mention that our lake has the record for largest Brown Trout caught in the 5 western states!  

We hold two of the state records for German Brown Trout: 27 3/4 in 1993 and 28lb 5oz in 2002. We also have Kokanee and Rainbow.  

Ron Lane of Olancha, California, came to Oregon to fish for brown trout at Paulina Lake, hoping for another in a long list of double-digit browns he has caught over the years. Trolling in shallow water with one of Allan Cole's seven-inch minnow A.C. Plugs, Lane got a lot more than he bargained for.

He tied into a fish that battled him for some 25 minutes before being netted. He knew it was a really big fish, but had no idea it was state record-sized. It was weighed on a certified scale, At 28-pounds, 5-ounces, the fish topped the previous state record, also taken from Paulina Lake.


Fish that you'll find here at Paulina Lake:

Rainbow Trout

The early, mid or late season is an excellent time to fish for Rainbow Trout.  In the early part of the season Rainbow Trout can be found in large numbers along the ice's edge until the lake has completely thawed.  At this point the disperse more evenly throughout the lake.  Rainbow trout can be brought in using any of your favorite still-water techniques: trolling, still fishing, wet and dry fly fishing and spin casting.

Brown Trout

Brown trout stocking began in 1935.  Brown trout, having longer life spans, grow to record size.  Because of Paulina Lakes high altitude it can partially be covered in ice till mid April.  The Ice recedes from the shoreline where underground hot springs warm the water a few degrees.  This open water provides the angler with the best chance of catching a trophy-sized Brown Trout.  The Usually wily browns prowl the south and eastern shores.  Casting and retrieving or trolling minnow-type lures, floating Rapalas in gold, silver, rainbow, or brown trout pattern, or AC plugs could put you in the record books!  Currently browns are about 10% of the catch, with the lager ones taken by anglers who target those fish especially.


These fresh-water Landlock salmon thrive on abundant zooplankton, and are a very popular game fish.  The red meat is delicious, especially when smoked.  Kokanee reach maturity at 3 to 4 years, after which the spawn and die.  At maturity Paulina Lake Kokanee average between 13-17 inches in length.  Kokanee occupy the large deep area of the lake and provide great mid-summer angling when fishing for other species is slow.  Kokanee fishing is exciting, as they fight hard, but with very soft mouths it takes skill to land.  By mid-summer, the Kokanee will be deep, sometimes 40-50 feet below the surface.  To reach that depth, one must troll with up to four ounces of lead, and stick to the parts of the lake where the depth exceeds 80 feet.  Jigging with a Slammer or buzz bomb can be especially good, though most prefer to troll with flasher type lures.  As always having a fish finder will increase your chances of landing a great fish.



Paulina Lake is arguably one of the best lakes to boat and fish in the Deschutes National Forest and Central Oregon. It's one of the few lakes that permits motorized boats, giving anglers with quick and easy access to their favorite fishing hole.

Summer season: Late April (weather permitting) to October 31st.

Speed limit on the lake is 10 MPH.

Boat Rentals

Row Boats:

  • 1 Hour - $20
  • Full Day - $80

Boat w/ Motor (FISHING ONLY):

  • 2 Hours - $40
  • 1/2 Day - $70
  • Full Day - $80

Patio Boat:

  • 2 Hours - $80
  • 1/2 Day - $120
  • Full Day - $150

Kayaks,Paddle Boards,Peddle Boats and Canoes:

  • 1 Hour - $20
  • Full Day - $80


Rental Info:

  • 2 hour minimum on all rentals. Life jackets and one tank of gas furnished with all rentals.
  • Note: ALL children age 12 and under must wear the provided life jackets.
  • Paddle Boats include: Pedal Boats, Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Canoes.



Winter Recreation at Paulina Lake, Central Oregon

The resort is snowbound from 10 Mile Snow Park, which is 3 miles from the lodge.

Winter season: Our winter season is weather dependent and changes from year to year but our season is usually mid-December through mid-March.

Contact us for an update or keep an eye on our Facebook page.

In the winter, you can go snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing right from the front door of your toasty warm cabin. We have 150 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and several ungroomed cross-country trails.

We also offer Sno-Cat shuttles on Friday and Saturday nights during the winter.

Without Gear - $25/person per round-trip, 12 and under free
With Gear/Cabin Rental - $150 per round trip, , 12 and under free

Come and stay with us at Paulina lake lodge and let us show you what Central Oregon winter fun is all about!

Stop by Paulina Lodge Restaurant for hot chocolate and homemade soup or chili.



333,000 Acres of Snowy Playground

We have 150 miles of groomed snowmobile trails on 330,000 acres of designated snowmobile "playground" area available! There are several large play areas to ride in, and if you are hungry the tour can stop by Paulina Lodge Restaurant for hot chocolate and homemade soup or chili.

Winter season: mid-December through mid-March.

Tours and rentals available! Call us:


Sno-Park Permits Required